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Full Service Sales

Arizona Builder Sales, Inc.  Is Deals Closed

  This is the core of what we do for your new home community. We provide seasoned, trained and energetic andexperienced new-home site sales for your community. Our sales centers are not staffed with a round-robin of resale agents. Instead, we hire only the best new-home site salespeople to represent you and your developments. Then we mix in amazing sales management oversight to make sure that the customer experience is perfect every time. We represent only you, the homebuilder, in every sale. No effort is left incomplete as we seek to close the sale on time, working efficiently with lenders, appraisers, escrow and buyer-agents and others in the transaction. Think all this service costs more than in-house sales? Try us. You’ll be very surprised at the value we bring and the costs we save for you. 





Each week, we provide timely and accurate reporting for escrows, traffic, inventory and events. You’ll know everything that goes on in your community.

We also provide important information such as Buyer-Concern forms, Community Condition reports, and customer feedback. ork, process improvement, systems building and trading p

Inventory Management

Let us assist you with the data for effective inventory homes, concessions and incentives, progress reports and more. Our goal is to help you be as efficient as possible.

Improve Upgrades

We can assist in improving your bottom line for structural options, design upgrades, and site premiums. Just more ways we can help maximize your profits.

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