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Technology & Media

Arizona Builder Sales, Inc. Is Innovation

Arizona Builder Sales, Inc.  understands the power behind technology and how creating show stopping media can transform how your brand is seen in the public eye. Utilizing every single resource available to us for showcasing real estate communities and individual properties is what puts us miles ahead of the competition. With our tools and expertise at your disposal, the only thing people will think of when they see your brand out on the streets is “quality”. 

Our technology and media services team are really turning heads in the commercial builder industry, and are anxious to help propel your brand to new heights as well! Showcasing your community and brand means using every single piece of technology in our aresenal. Visualize a true guided and interactive 3D tour using our Matterport device, create breathtaking aerial views of your community using our drones, and showcase all the best features of your home using stunning cinematography. The world of technology is a constantly changing landscape, which is why the Arizona Builder Sales, Inc. team is always working on innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve and improve our formula for success. 

Virtual Tours.

Drone Aerial

Stunning Media
& Creation.

Matterport Virtual Tours

With our 4k 2nd Generation Custom Matter-port Camera we are able to make virtual tours amazingly interactive and detailed! Every virtual tour is ready for VR. All it takes is you going to the link via the cloud. The ratio is so spot on and the views so breathtaking, you’ll forget you’re not there in person!

Drone Aerial Views

We use drones for all of our aerial shots. When you have a large property or a great project you’re working on, the best way to show case it is from the sky. Our drone footage comes in 4k resolution for video & with HD photography.

We will process all of your drone footage & photography to truly be breathtaking. Overlaying your footage with music and combining it with other forms of media will make your footage truly standout.

Stunning Media Creation

Most people don’t realize that the world is entering a new age of video. Websites and devices are running much faster and the demand for video content is stronger than ever!

We only use the best equipment and editing software to ensure that your video always has the hightest quality and production value possible.

Our media team is well trained, experienced, and extremely passionate about what they do.

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