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How Our Clients Are Weathering The Storm

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Attention Arizona New Home Builders & Real Estate Developers!

It’s true that our everyday life has changed due to Covid-19,  but our commitment to you and this Valley hasn’t.

I’ve been in this business for nearly 40 years and can confidently say that the key to weathering this storm and ensuring prosperity in these uncertain times is  “staying available for business!” in a safe and compliant manner. This means we must be creatively aggressive in our business. Virtual Open Houses, off-hours appointments and new social media messaging tactics are all strategies we are employing now.

We’re still selling new homes at nearly the same velocity as a month ago, and you can too! We don’t look for excuses, we look for solutions.

Yes, there are additional precautions that must be adhered to in order to keep the public and our employees safe, but that’s where our experience in this industry sets us apart and allows Arizona Builder Sales to really shine in these trying times.

Nearly 40 years in real estate – and we, as well as our builder clients, have weathered and will continue to weather every storm that comes our way.

It’s more important than ever to be safe, but also be smart. Don’t let fear dictate the success of the brand and the communities you’ve worked so hard to build!

We’re here for you, both now and always.

If you’re an Arizona New Home Builder or Real Estate Developer and have questions about how to proceed in this environment, Arizona Builder Sales is here to help.

Here’s my direct cell: (480) 254-6444

Chat Soon,

Dean Selvey

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